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Jubilat is 35 years old!

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1oldIn the 2010 year Jubilat will be cellebrate beautifull birthdays. We are 35 years old in this year.The Folk Group of Song and Dance “Jubilat” was founded in 1975, on the initiative of Alfred Galant, the then director of Świdnica`s Railway Carriage Factory. The main objective of the “Jubilat” group is to cultivate the folk traditions of all regions of Poland, to promote and draw from the abundant resources of the Polish folk culture, and thus to rescue from oblivion its impressive heritage. Jubilat contain two groups one advanced (32 participants and 8 musicians) and second junior group (40 participants).

The “Jubilat” group has constantly participated in numerous festivals in Poland and abroad.. Has been distingwished with a lot of diplomas and congratulatories, among others from Ministry of Arts and Culture, regional and municipal authorities, administrative and educational alike. The latest significant achievement is to have been granted the membership  of C.I.O.F.F. ,in December 2005. The “Jubilat” group has won the hearts of the audiences not only in Poland. The tours abroad includeFrance,  India, Portugal (some of them on regular terms), where the performances always met with an exceptionally warm reception.

Lubomi Szmid present artistic director (since 1985) and choreographer

Anna Trzeciak choreographer